Highlighted Recipients at our first "Show U Off" Luncheon

Thank you to all of our past grant recipients for sharing their success stories at our first "Show U Off" Luncheon.  We appreciate your support and commitment to paying it forward!

(top) Camille Ali, Co-owner C&S Virtual Paralegals ("Show U Off" grant recipient 2023) 

(left to right)

Rizpah Bellard, Founder of Nova Farms, Inc.  ("Show U Off" grant recipient 2023)

Jasmine Brunson, Founder of Rektify AI (“Show U Off “grant recipient 2022)

Paulana Lamonier, Founder of Black People Will Swim (“Show U Off “grant recipient 2022)

Naomi Lilly, Founder & CEO of NAL Media (“Show U Off “grant recipient 2022)